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What Kind of Nootropic Results You Can Have

Everything you need to know about nootropics: what they are, what they do, details, how to find the best nootropics for you and where to buy them.

What are nootropics?

The are synthetic or natural compounds which enhance cognitive abilities of healthy people. In their basic state, they are powders, but they are usually sold in capsule form. Nootropics are not medications: medications restore health when you are sick, while nootropics help you improve when you are healthy.

Given the exclusive effect profile of every apetamin element, and known the variation in the chemistry of people’s brains, individuals can use different nootropics for different purposes and results. The most sought after effects are an improvement in memory, a greater capacity for learning, better concentration and more motivation.

Long answer:

The term “nootropic” is relatively recent, the name was coined in 1972 by the Romanian chemist Corneliu Giurgea to describe compounds that could “bend the mind”. There is no set of universally accepted formal criteria for what is described as nootropic, but original definition still has influence. He considered that for any substance to be called nootropic, it must:

  • Improve memory and learning ability.
  • Help the brain function in negative conditions.
  • Protect the brain from harmful chemical damage.
  • Improve neuronal alert mechanisms
  • Lack of sedative, stimulating or toxic effects

In general, almost any substance that can have a positive effect on brain function is now called nootropic, either natural or synthetic. Even those that affect neurochemistry and the resulting behaviors and experiences are called nootropic substances. For example, according to this, melatonin could also be included, given its ability to allow the user to intelligently regulate their sleep cycle.

Ideologically, nootropics are famous for their ability to allow individuals to acquire some mastery over their brain chemistry and the resulting mental states. For the history of the human species, brain chemistry has been largely inaccessible to a specific improvement, leaving us prisoners of our biology. Nootropics are humanity’s first tentative incursions to take control of our mood and intellect at the chemical level.

Apetamin Syrup
Apetamin Syrup’s uses

Why do people use nootropics?

Nootropics allow users greater control over their states, cognitive abilities and moods. In the same way that caffeine in the morning can wake you up and prepare you for the day, nootropics can be used for a wide variety of functional benefits.


One of the biggest mistakes that new nootropic users make is to think that taking more of a substance is always better. The reality is that at high doses, the costs of side effects often outweigh the benefits. However, everyone is affected differently, and at too low a dose, the main effect may not be noticeable. The key is to find the optimal dose that works for you.


Nootropics are only active for a limited time in your body, so you may want to take a nootropic several times a day to maintain its effect. Caution is essential for the frequency with which a nootropic is taken, since overdose can cause two specific and undesirable side effects.

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