Some Common Roller Shutter Problems

For security or privacy maintenance, roller shutters are quite important, they are specially manufactured to provide better security & privacy control of your home & office. In this article, we describe some of the most common problems of Roller shutters & its solution

Roller shutters are determined as one of the best security solutions for your home and office. Through this, you are protected from malicious Intruders and unauthorized persons. After some months or years of installation, some Technical or Mechanical faults arise to the roller shutters that reduce the overall effectiveness and speed of the roller shutters or doors. These faults can also increase the risk factors of a security breach. Moreover, roller shutters play a significant role in providing and enhancing the security of your domestic and commercial premises. If your security shutter gets some damage then this may provide your entire stock collection & premises better protection.

People can also hire a team of professional technicians to get better service for their roller shutter repair.

5 Most Common Issues of Roller Shutters or Doors.

A roller shutter suffers from various problems, some of them are described below:

  • Your Shutter won’t open or Close Properly

Improper Open or close is one of the most common issues that almost every roller shutters have. This issue may arise due to any reason i.e. power failure and others. As a result, the first step, you should consider checking that the power button is actually on or not. After that, look for lights that indicate everything. Turn all the lights ON and OFF on a regular interval to check if this issue gets fixed or not. If not, then you have to switch for some other solution for the elimination of this fault or problem.

  • Overheating problem

This problem of roller shutters or doors is also common and it arises due to the constant use of the security shutters for a long time. Regular use of roller shutters or doors may lead to overheating and can cause some internal damage. If you found this type of error with your shutters then, you may wisely give some time to cool it off before operating it again.

  • Shutters are jammed or sticking

If your reliable security shutters give jamming faults, then it is due to improper lubrication to the shutter. WD40 is considered as the best lubricant for your security shutter as it can simplify the rails of your system. It can resolve the sticking issue of your shutter and reduce the unpleasant sound of your shutters.

  • Shutters close only halfway

As we all know that automated shutters operate automatically with the help of proximity sensors. If these automated sensors become so dirty & difficult to catch signals, in that case, the roller shutters shut only halfway. To resolve this fault, it’s your responsibility to clean the sensors more effectively. After that, your shutter becomes faster & operates quickly.

  • Examine shutter condition

The final problem of roller shutters is its overall conditions. In some cases, it has been found that the condition of your security system can lead to several problems. In the case of a commercial setting, your security shutter may receive any sort of dings & dents from vehicles. Minor problems in the security shutter won’t impact on the overall functionality. If roller shutters are maintained properly & effectively then it can make a positive impact on your business.

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