What products are available with large format printing?

Remember how hard it used to be to get the large formats printed a few years back? We could only find a few in the market who could print large formats for us. And since there were only a few in the business, the cost for the same was extensively high.

What is a large format print?

First of all, one needs to understand that there is a vast distinction between getting large prints and an actual large format print. Traditional printing options were constricted in terms of the size, the large prints were very hard to get. The old office and home printers were very beneficial in some aspects, but large format printing was not possible with them. The average home and office printers can only handle sheet size of 8.5 x 14″, not larger than this. There was a time when we actually had to get the big letters printed separately and later glue them together.

In this modern arena, to run a business, marketing plays a big role. To spread your message impact fully, you need to scale up your marketing skills, which is why the small posters made in the past have become obsolete now. Your message must be  BOLD AND UNDERSTANDABLE to let people read it. Of course, people still try the old method of getting the individual letters printed and then sticking them on a large sheet, but that certainly doesn’t level up the quality.

As technology is progressing, large format printing has become more accessible and affordable for everyone now. Not just the print size has increased but the quality too has increased manifold. The high definition quality offers vigorous, rich colors and amazing image reproduction. The process is not even time consuming, it’s actually much quicker than you might imagine. The cost of the process is also never going to be an impediment as it is quite affordable.

Large format printing is basically defined as printing on materials as large as 15 feet in size.

What products are available with large format printing?

A good large-format painting company takes care of all your advertising needs. It not just provides you large size prints but also several other advertising products along. Large format printing NYC makes sure that it’s customers never have to wander around other companies in search of banner stands etc.

Some of the large format printing products are :

  • Roll-up banner stands: They are a very important part of your promotion. These portable stands are durable and can help you in wide ways. Think of any place where you wish to start your promotion, and these roll up banner stands will fit perfectly anywhere and everywhere. Right from the exhibitions to an event venue, they find a place in every kind of set up.
  • PVC vinyl banners:  The idea of banners is very old yet very impactful. They automatically draw the attention of the passerby. These water-resistant PVC Vinyl banners should be the first choice for your advertising mission. As it is rightly said, if you really wish to do something, do it LARGE, basically, that’s the whole idea of large format printing. Additionally, you can also customize these banners to surprise someone or prank them.
  • Indoor and outdoor posters: Large size posters are completely cost-effective. The 48 and 96 sheet posters have the power to read out your message loud and clear. You can get these posters printed on a paper of your choice such as – glossy, matte or semi-gloss paper.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl: The highly captivating vinyl graphics are becoming very popular in the market. These long-lasting self-adhesive vinyl can make a home anywhere on your walls, hoarding or windows.
  • See-through window graphics: This one is a very innovative and fun option. These images are printed using a series of dots having a black coat on the inside, which is why the people outside can clearly perceive your advertisement but cannot peep in. This saves the people inside for spying eyes and also lets them see out.
  • There are several other options evolving each day. It basically depends upon how far you want to go with your budget. Have you seen those logo designed flags? Well, they are truly very attractive and magnetize a lot of people towards your business.


This is an exceptionally important step but the good thing is that now the customers can do all this according to their interest, right from their desktop. There are certain online programs that allow users to customize wallpapers.


Since the advent of large format printing, the solvent inks were widely used for printing purposes. The disadvantage with them was that they were a little messy because of the time required to dry it out or outgas. To prevent smudging, one had to be very careful while working with them. Later, latex inks came into action. And now, the printing industry is ruled by Ultraviolet Ink. The biggest benefit here is that it instantly dries out and saves your time. Furthermore, the ink required is also less as compared to the solvent or latex inks.


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